Pantone Inks & Mixes



Pulse’s purpose built laboratory in Bristol has been equipped to provide a colour matching service that can cope with the most demanding situations. Assisted by state of the art colour measurement equipment we are able to assess accurate metameric matches on every colour requirement - be it a standard pantone mix or a unique corporate shade.



Our standard range of base Pantones are Pantone approved and pigment balanced for in-house mixing to achieve the desired colour. They are suitable for printing on coated and uncoated papers and board. They offer good drying properties and good rub resistance.

We can also tailor make the following series for more specific applications.


ROCK HARD DRY INKS - for higher rub resistance

Certain substrates restrict the absorption of varnish into the fibres resulting in increased rub. Matt and satin substrates are also abrasive which means the ink being applied to these materials requires a higher rub resistance formulation. Pulse Rock Hard Dry inks dry faster to provide higher rub resistance than standard formulations.


ICE FULLY-OXIDISNG INKS - for restricted or impervious substrates

Our ICE fully-oxidising inks do not need to be absorbed into the paper fibres to dry making them suitable for foils and plastics.


LASER SHEETFED INKS - for print that will be subsequently laser printed

These inks are 100% NVC and exhibit a high heat resistance preventing ink from transferring onto the hot fuser roller of the laser printer.


CONTINUOUS STATIONERY INKS - for application to uncoated stocks in web format

Our very successful range of continuous stationery inks are available from stock in Pantone Base shades. PMS and special colours can also be supplied to order. These inks dry by fast-setting into the paper fibres providing a high rub resistance finish. Recommended for use with laser printers. The printed sheets should be thoroughly dried before laser printing - we recommend 5 days before processing.


LAMINATION QUALITY INKS - for high bleed resistance

Certain pigments will bleed when laminated, exposed to solvents or heat. The Pulse lamination quality series is designed to overcome these problems.


We also have a range of metallic and fluorescent inks, please contact the office for more details