Pulsar Adhesives is a division of the Pulse Group, supplying and manufacturing a wide range of waterbased, UV curable, hot-melt and PUR adhesives for the print and packaging industry.

Manufactured Adhesives

Pulsar  manufactures a range of innovative niche adhesives which are based on the vast experience of Pulse’s water-based and UV curable technology.


Our range includes the following:

  • Waterbased lamination adhesives

  • UV curable lamination adhesives

  • UV curable pressure sensitive adhesive

  • Waterbased emulsion adhesives


Our standard water-based grade is LAMISAR BG420, it is a fully cross-linked polymer system with no fillers or extenders making it very good for creasing and embossing of the laminate. LAMISAR BG409 is the high adhesion fully cross-linked WB lamination grade


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