Overprint Varnishes


We use a range of base raw materials which are manufactured to the very highest specification, allowing us to offer the PULSE-VAR range of varnishes. With gloss levels ranging from deep matt up to water white high gloss finishes. Further advantages include incredible press stability and ultra high rub resistance.


PV309­ PULSE-VAR Hard Dry In-line Neutral Varnish

PV309 is an excellent vegetable based litho sealer which dries rapidly to a neutral, rub resistant finish. With excellent press stability PV309 is recommended for use on 10 and 12 colour in-line perfecting presses. It has excellent colour retention and is ideally suited to printing onto silk and matt finish papers and boards, with a white non-yellowing finish.


PV311 PULSE-VAR Ultra-High Gloss Sealer

PV311 is a very high gloss oil based OPV. It can be printed both wet and dry offset, and has excellent press stability. It offers good rub resistance, dries rapidly and has a non-yellowing gloss finish. It is recommended for use on coated paper and boards.


PV120 PULSE-VAR Ice Fully Oxidising Gloss Varnish

PV120 is a 100% NVC fully-oxidising gloss OPV formulated for use on impervious substrates. Its excellent oxidation drying enables off-line application over pre-printed ink. Recommended for use on foils and plastics.


PV110 PULSE-VAR Matt Varnish

PV110 dries to a full matt finish with excellent printability and can be used for both wet and dry offset applications. It is ideally suited to both in-line wet on wet printing and for use on multicolour perfecting presses. It has excellent scuff resistance and colour retention, and is suitable for coated matt finish papers and boards.


PV160 Rock Hard Dry Matt Varnish

This is a modified version of the PV110 standard matt OPV; it offers improved rub resistance and is particularly recommended for use with large solid ink coverage.


PV130 PULSE-VAR Fully Oxidising Neutral Varnish

PV130 has the same neutral finish as PV309 but is a fully oxidising sealer.